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"Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain"

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Episode Summary: After Teito crashes, one of the men, Frau, carries him to the Church. Teito attempts to escape, only to be brought back into the church. The three men introduce themselves as Frau, Castor, and Labrador- all bishops of the Church, which lies in the 7th District of the Barsburg empire. Teito wonders about the condition of Mikage, who had helped him escape from the Academy. Teito enters the Library, wishing to know more about his murky past and his connection to the Raggs Kingdom. He decides to find out the truth about the Raggs Kingdom and his past. Meanwhile, back at the Academy, Mikage is questioned by Ayanami as to whether he helped Teito escape or not. When he refuses to answer, Ayanami gives him a choice: either to save his family, which he treasures, or to save Teito.

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