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"Hot Tears, Gently Fill His Heart..."

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Episode Summary: The bishops wonder what Teito's wish was. Teito is still affected by the events from the previous episode and after offering to help out the sisters, wonders why everyone is so kind to him. Teito has a vision where he realizes that he is the heir to the Raggs Kingdom and The Eye of Mikhail. While walking to the gate of the Church, Teito is shocked to see Mikage walking towards him. Mikage decides to stay with Teito at the Church, and while they are talking, they are attacked by a Kor sent by Ayanami. Teito fights the Kor, but can not hurt it. Frau appears and cleanses the man's soul from the Kor. At night, Teito reveals to Mikage his connection with the Raggs Kingdom.

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