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Episode Summary: As Haru, Takumu and Chiyu discuss what exactly Seiji is, Takumu deduces the ability Seiji used was Physical Burst, which accelerates the user's consciousness, allowing them to react quicker. As Kuroyukihime heads off on her school trip, Haru and Takumu decide to investigate Seiji in an attempt to get some proof of him being a Burst Linker. However, Seiji throws Haru off and uses a visual mask to lead him to the girls' shower room, where Chiyu is forced to hide him. The next day, Haru is confronted by Seiji, who wants to blackmail him into giving him more Burst Points. Chiyu stands up for Haru, but Seiji once again gains the upper hand when he lets a hidden camera in the shower room be found. As Haru attempts to fight back, Seiji overwhelms him and forces him into a Brain Burst duel, where he reveals his avatar, Dusk Taker.

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    cops: freeze! bitch

    robbers: oh shit! BURST LIINK!

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