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Episode Summary: Haru starts to realize Brain Burst is a multiplayer fighting game before he is defeated by another Burst Linker named Ash Roller. At lunch, Kuroyukihime helps explain to Haru the rules of Brain Burst where users fight others to gain points to accelerate. She also explains that his Brian Burst avatar, Sliver Crow, was created from his subconscious particular his inferiority complex. Despite Kuroyukihime offering him to return to his normal life, Haru declines as he wishes to repay her for helping him. After they log out, Kuroyukihime explains to some curious students about her and Haru's relationship, claiming she confess to him but he reject her, much to the students surprise and Haru's horror. Armed with new knowledge by Kuroyukihime, Haru logs into Brian Burst to have his rematch with Ash Roller. After performing a surprise attack, Haru runs to the top of a building, hoping to win by timeout since Ash Roller can't climb buildings due to his motorcycle. However, Ash Roller has upgraded his motorcycle to climb walls where he runs over Haru repeatedly. After suffering from his attacks, Haru manages to figure out Ash Roller's weakness; his motorcycle, which he lifts the rear wheel off the ground to immobilize and finish him off with a headbutt, winning the fight and impressing the other Burst Linkers watching them. As Haru log outs proud with his victory, Chiyuri confronts Kuroyukihime, demanding to know if she is manipulating Haru.

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    awesome anime

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