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Episode Summary: After Haru and Takumu reveal everything to Chiyuri, who doesn't take it too well, the two begin training to work as a tag team. Haru earns enough points to upgrade to level 2, though in his haste, he upgrades too early and is left with a low amount of Burst Points as a result. Takumu offers to share some of his points with Haru, but he declines, saying it would take all the honor out of fighting. Afterwards, the two go over to Chiyuri's where they eat ice cream together and explain to Chiyuri about Brain Burst. It is here where Takumu gets the idea to have Haru hire a bodyguard known as Aqua Current to protect him until he gets his points up. As Haru goes through the procedures to hire Current, he inadvertantly discovers it is actually a girl. As Haru discusses things with Current, Takumu meets with Kuroyukihime, who activates her Burst Link.

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