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"Ah! Urd's Small Love Story?"
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Episode Summary: Problems at Yggdrasil after the Lord of Terror incident result in Belldandy shrinking and Urd becoming a child. Urd spends her temporary childhood with a new friend, Shohei Yoshida, after almost getting him into trouble when she was caught drinking sake. Meanwhile, Keiichi and Belldandy work on producing moon rocks, in an effort to provide an alternative energy source for the goddesses while Yggdrasil is being repaired. Urd decides to help Shohei increase in self-confidence, and takes him to the top of a high-rise construction site, as a test for him to overcome his fear. With the moon rocks complete and Urd once again her normal age, she says goodbye to Shohei, pretending to be his friend's older sister. She agrees to see him again once he has grown up.

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    Urd can get it in grown or loli form.

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