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"I Can Become an Idol?"

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Episode Summary: Ichigo Hoshimiya is a bright young girl who is always helping her mother out at a takeaway bento place. After accidentally messing up her brother Raichi's photos of top idol Mizuki Kanzaki, Ichigo goes to her best friend Aoi Kiriya, who manages to get them some tickets to Mizuki's concert. The three of them go to Mizuki's concert, which leaves a strong impression on Ichigo. The next day, Aoi tells Ichigo about the Starlight Academy, a school for idols which uses an 'Aikatsu' system involving cards which are used to select clothes. Aoi decides she wants to try out the entrance exam and asks Ichigo to go with her since she thinks Ichigo has the scent of an idol. As Ichigo reaches the live audition part of her exam, she manages to impress Mizuki and the other judges with her special appeal performance and both she and Aoi pass the exam.

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