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"Kill the Nuisances"
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Episode Summary: The prime minister assigns Esdeath to track down the Danger Beasts from the previous episode and kill them. Later, the Jaegars attack some of the Danger Beasts when they attack a wagon of supplies. The next day, Wave recalls the incident and notes that the present merchants were terrified of Bols despite his kind personality because of his otherwise fearsome appearance. However, Bols tells him that despite his personality, he had killed many people in the past, which understandably earned him a lot of hate. Then, the group is visited by Bols's wife and young daughter who support his work, which surprises Wave. Meanwhile, while doing some training with Susanoo, Tatsumi tells him that he should be considered one of Night Raid, not as a tool. Later, Night Raid travels to another hideout and are given their newest mission: to kill the modified Danger Beasts, essentially helping the Capital they have been fighting. When Chelsea states her belief that the Jaegers should take care of the problem, Tatsumi counters that by aiding the Capital, they would be able to save more lives. Chelsea later confides to Najenda that she believes Tatsumi's kindness will eventually lead him to his death. Esdeath and Run express to each other their beliefs that, since the new Danger Beasts were revealed to have once been human, they were possibly the result of one of Dr. Stylish's experiments, and assume they somehow managed to escape their containment. The following night, while patrolling the mountains, Tatsumi learns about Lubbock's reasons for joining Night Raid, which involved Najenda. Later, Tatsumi travels to the summit of a mountain alone and is suddenly confronted by a wandering Esdeath, who is shocked to see him.

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