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"Kill the Religious Organization"
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Episode Summary: Lubbock asks Tatsumi why he teleported Esdeath back to the mainland instead of leaving her on the island. However, Najenda responds that Esdeath would have escaped the island either way before revealing that she knows her personally. Meanwhile, Wave confronts Seryu about murdering three bandits who were suspected Night Raid members, but she brushes him off. Despite remarking that the Capital is twisted, Wave maintains his loyalty as a soldier. Later, Najenda tells Night Raid about Path of Peace, a pacifist religious organization that is inciting a religious insurrection, and that the Revolutionary Army (the rebellion force Night Raid is a part of) and an allied tribe will launch attacks against the Capital simultaneous to Path of Peace's uprising. She then assigns Night Raid to assassinate Borick, the adviser to Path of Peace's founder who is a spy for the prime minister and is drugging several of the religion's followers into obedience, also instructing them to take out the Jaegers, especially Kurome and Bols, who will undoubtedly respond. The next day, Akame begins expressing her doubts about battling Kurome, but Mine comforts her. Meanwhile, Esdeath splits the Jaegers into two teams: she will attack Najenda with Seryu and Ran, while Wave, Kurome, and Bols will pursue Akame. Wave's team arrives at a canyon, where Mine fires at Kurome, but she dodges the shot. Susanoo arrives and knocks Wave away, leaving Kurome and Bols to be confronted by the entire Night Raid team. Kurome activates her Imperial Arm, Yatsufusa, which brings forth the last eight victims of its blade as Kurome's puppets. Among those summoned is a gigantic Danger Beast, which Night Raid prepares to battle.

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