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"Kill the Fate"
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Episode Summary: Night Raid plans to infiltrate the palace during Path of Peace's anniversary festival. Mine and Tatsumi are assigned as a diversion, and the two are eventually driven to the city's edge, where Seryu spots and recognizes them. She attacks the pair alongside the last member of the Four Rakshasa Demons, Suzuka. Mine manages to slice Seryu and Coro in half, but Seryu retaliates by setting off a suicide bomb implanted in her head. Exhausted, Mine struggles to escape the bomb, but is saved by Tatsumi, who had previously defeated Suzuka by crushing her with nearby ruins. Meanwhile, the rest of Night Raid storm the palace. Despite being told by Esdeath to stay put, Borick attempts to flee, but is quickly killed by Lubbock and Akame.

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  1. klamens

    Nov 9th, 2014

    100 and the bitch is dead

  2. yournameHEAR

    Nov 9th, 2014

    They screwed up the next episode preview was for the second story-arch, not the next event in this story arch. It looks like they are going to skip the awesome Esdeath battle, in order to rush into the beginning of the second story-arch.

  3. Zexerai


    Nov 9th, 2014

    Yeah wait, what? Unless there’s something more to that we don’t see, that preview was completely out of place. Total change in setting. o.o

  4. Kumogani


    Nov 9th, 2014


  5. Blades

    Nov 10th, 2014

    Yay! Like this episode. Love and violence! :o

  6. KuroPhantom


    Nov 15th, 2014

    Is it just me, or this episode is an OVA?

  7. dei

    Dec 12th, 2014

    This epispde is just OVA T.T

  8. shadowzex

    Dec 22nd, 2014

    WHERE EPISODE 19?????

  9. ReDHaZexXxHaZeL

    Dec 25th, 2014

    This is OVA.

  10. ReDHaZexXxHaZeL

    Dec 26th, 2014

    Hello Admins. Thanks for fixing the video. From OVA to EPISODE :D (Content)

  11. Shemaru

    Jan 28th, 2015

    I thing satumi and maine are more batter cuple then that ice cuts monster or i say broke monster that if she surviv i mean maine

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