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"Kill the Absolute Justice"
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Episode Summary: Leone and Tatsumi storm the illustrious Red Light District to assassinate a gang of drug smugglers. Infiltrating a temple where the targets reside, they find a large room full of women being held captive by the gang, who incapacitates them with their drug. Enraged at this, they assassinate the gang and their clients. Meanwhile, after assassinating their own target, Sheele and Mine are ambushed by Seryu, who had been seeking out the former. During the battle, the two seem to overwhelm Seryu and Coro, forcing Seryu to use Coro's special attack, its Berserker form. Coro transforms and attempts to crush Mine, but Sheele intervenes and rescues her. However, when she is distracted by Mine, she is shot by Seryu, then bitten in half by Coro as Mine watches in horror. When additional Imperial Guards arrive, Sheele manages to activate her Imperial Arm's special attack and orders Mine to escape. She is then devoured by Coro as she reminisces of her experiences with Night Raid and expresses her happiness in finally being useful. After informing the others of Sheele's fate, Mine swears to avenge her friend with her own hands, while Esdeath, a general for the Empire, returns to the Capital by the prime minister's request.

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  1. eddydadi

    Aug 10th, 2014

    first :3

  2. etopen

    Aug 10th, 2014


  3. sweetsugar

    Aug 10th, 2014

    No NO NOO

  4. TheNarutoUzumaki

    Aug 10th, 2014

    Dafuq just happen… Did that really just happen?

  5. daboymyboy

    Aug 10th, 2014

    I’m. GoinG. To brace myy self before watchiing it

  6. daghoust

    Aug 10th, 2014

    How that happened that’s crazy as shit

  7. iMini

    Aug 10th, 2014

    I felt like i was gunna throw up :X. So good though

  8. Atled

    Aug 10th, 2014

    Did they seriously just kill off a main character at the snap of their fingers? THE FUCK.

  9. lliilith

    Aug 10th, 2014

    if this pisses you off then you’re in for a treat ^

  10. pyromainiac

    Aug 10th, 2014

    Hey, I thought they were realistic about the outcome of that battle. In my opinion, this is exactly what gives an anime a good rating, it give the watcher the “feels” for the situation at hand.

  11. samuraisone

    Aug 10th, 2014

    the fking FEELS bro! love this anime!

  12. Regnier


    Aug 10th, 2014

    WTF is all i have to say. Gripping episode.

  13. jaredculture

    Aug 10th, 2014


  14. klamens

    Aug 10th, 2014


  15. LusciousLobsters


    Aug 10th, 2014

    ah, justice has been served

  16. olympus

    Aug 11th, 2014

    sheelleeeeeeee noooooooo i probably shoud expect more deaths since esdeath is in the capital better brace myself for next episodes

  17. Lark

    Aug 11th, 2014

    just like what happen in the manga
    goodbye sheele


    Aug 15th, 2014


  19. SupMan

    Nov 4th, 2014

    i cry watch this episode man. goodbye sheele

  20. AnimeFan34

    Nov 13th, 2014

    I love the voice actor for Sheele but y? Too soon.

  21. Shemaru

    Jan 28th, 2015

    The problem is not she die the problem is how she die she got eatig like somekind of snak fuck at least if the gonna kill her why not with her full body or just miss 1x arm or 2x dont matter

  22. chathana

    Oct 5th, 2015

    Noooooooooooooooo!!!! This can’t be the end for Mamiko Noto!!!!! T.T

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