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"Kill the Three: Part 1"
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Episode Summary: Esdeath is tasked by the emperor (under manipulation by the prime minister) to hunt down Night Raid in exchange for a suitor. In the wake of Sheele's death, Night Raid has no other choice but to get on with their lives. However, Tatsumi is still greatly affected by this, but admires how Akame is so calm and composed about the entire matter. However, he finds out, after a midnight confrontation, that she has been utterly devastated ever since hearing the news. Shortly thereafter, Night Raid is tasked with bringing down a new threat: a group of skilled fighters and Imperial Arms users who (under the command of Esdeath) are killing politicians who opposed the prime minister's rule, trying to put the blame of the murders on Night Raid afterwards. Leone is tasked with watching over Esdeath, Akame and Lubbock are to act as bodyguards for a potential target, and Tatsumi and Bulat are to act as bodyguards for a second potential target, who is aboard the Ryuusen, a massive luxury liner. While watching over their politician, Tatsumi learns of Bulat's past as a member of the Imperial Guard, whose general was punished for not accepting a bribe from a higher superior. Later, an impostor, Nyau, uses his Imperial Arm, a flute-like instrument called Scream, to subdue everyone on the ship, except for Tatsumi, who resists Scream's ability and is subsequently confronted by another impostor, Daidara. After a brief fight, Bulat intervenes, also being unaffected by Scream, and fights Daidara, Nyau, and the third impostor. He quickly kills Daidara and subdues the other two. The third impostor quickly recovers and confronts Bulat, who recognizes him as his former general, Liver.

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  1. samuraisone

    Aug 17th, 2014

    holy shet! aniki is a beast

  2. klamens

    Aug 17th, 2014

    Bulat is op

  3. Satatna

    Aug 17th, 2014

    Whew, for a second i thought this was going to be one of those anime where the main characters keep getting killed one by one but it looks like thats not the case, so glas.

  4. Chaotic

    Aug 18th, 2014

    Satatna im sorry to say but don’t get attached to any characters otherwise you will cry all the time. Also download for EP 5-7 have pixel problems destroying scenes.

  5. Murdax

    Aug 18th, 2014

    I am sad that blaut will die here :(

  6. spaceoutlaw


    Aug 19th, 2014

    way to spoil guys >.>

  7. Satatna

    Aug 21st, 2014

    So… In the what your saying is that you just fucked up my heart and spoiled the whole damn thing… Wow just fucking wow. Plus i dont remember the name but it hade valkyre or something like that in the name and there where these weird robots that are called valkyres andin the all the main characters die except the second main character wich was a girl and she was left with the main characeters child wich was theres so the feels

  8. kawaiimeatpie

    Nov 27th, 2014

    Stop spoiling shit ppl

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