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"Kill the Three: Part 2"
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Episode Summary: Liver and Bulat engage in a battle, while Tatsumi fights Nyau. Liver unleashes his Imperial Arm, Black Marlin, which manipulates and controls preexisting liquid, and lands some attacks on Bulat, causing the latter's Incursio armor to gradually lose strength. Liver notices Bulat's determination despite this growing disadvantage and uses a special attack that finally wears out Incursio. Now without Incursio, Bulat decides to engage Liver in a sword fight. Liver tries recruiting Bulat to Esdeath's army, but he refuses, realizing that his former general's views have changed. The two fight, and both eventually wound each other. Mortally wounded, Liver reveals before dying that the reason he joined Esdeath is simply because he admired her. Though victorious, Bulat finds that his wounds are poisoned from a last-resort attack inflicted by Liver. He subsequently entrusts his Incursio to Tatsumi so the latter could use it against Nyau, who taunts Tatsumi and doesn't believe he will be compatible with the Imperial Arm. However, Tatsumi proves to be compatible with Bulat's Incursio, and with it, he kills Nyau. Despite Tatsumi's victory, Bulat succumbs to his wounds, and Tatsumi mourns for his mentor. Elsewhere, a girl, Kurome, is informed that she has been chosen to be a part of a new group, and she believes this could be a chance to see her sister again.

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  1. klamens

    Aug 24th, 2014

    he is dead now thats 2 down

  2. Frozen

    Aug 24th, 2014

    for some reason i can’t download anime?

  3. WhatsUpMonica


    Aug 24th, 2014

    why is the first comment a spoiler?!?!

  4. sweetsugar

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  5. Rij

    Aug 24th, 2014

    why cant I download !!!!!!!!

  6. Frank

    Aug 24th, 2014

    I´m crying right now D: ANIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    btw its just not possible to spoiler something what happens in the newest episode in the comment section

  7. samuraisone

    Aug 24th, 2014


  8. animeloversp

    Aug 24th, 2014

    someone just lied to me, who the hell was it last episode that said seems like this anime wasn’t killing off main characters 1 by 1…. you brought my hopes up and crushed them…..

  9. gangers

    Aug 24th, 2014

    aaaaand there goes two of the characters i was starting to like….just damn man

  10. Regnier


    Aug 24th, 2014

    stop commenting spoilers people. This is just getting annoying.

  11. july

    Aug 25th, 2014

    well at least tatsumi finally get weapon

  12. sweetsugar

    Aug 25th, 2014

    tatsumi is main Character include esdeath (yeah the evil sadist woman )

    anyway thereis much story going on.

  13. rok

    Aug 26th, 2014

    cant wait until every1 dies :D

  14. Satatna

    Aug 30th, 2014

    @animeloverp, that was me and i said i think that this anime will keep killing off main characters 1 by 1 , and i think im right, but i wish i wasnt

  15. ShinSkull


    Sep 8th, 2014

    Noooo! Aniki!!! T_T

  16. yawa

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  17. wyatt


    Sep 21st, 2014

    nice mustache

  18. SupMan

    Nov 4th, 2014

    goodbye bro :(

  19. Ookami_Lord

    Dec 3rd, 2014

    wait….the last one was a boy?!o_0
    that’s such a trap!

  20. Shemaru

    Jan 28th, 2015

    So the story about thes main char the key deyig one by one till the last hero still and finish the evil right? That tatsumi hes gonna be the last one and kep fight till he kill all of them lol what a crul anime

  21. chathana

    Oct 5th, 2015

    Those damn beasts and their bloody condom, they killed ANIKIIIIII!!!!!!

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