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"Echoing Fear"
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Episode Summary: The blue dragon warrior, who experienced a voice telling him to protect Hiryuu when he touched Yona, while recognizing Ki-Ja as the white dragon, is dazed and escapes into the caves. Yona and Yun enter the caves, leaving Hak and Ki-Ja behind to deal with the villagers. They find the agitated blue dragon warrior, and Yona calmly asks him to be her ally. The blue dragon warrior tells her to leave, and they return to Ki-Ja who is holding back the hostile villagers. An earthquake traps the villagers with Yona, Ki-Ja and Yun. A villager explains the curse, until the blue dragon warrior enters. Out of fear, the villager strikes the blue dragon warrior, knocking off his mask.

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  1. daniel jackson

    Jan 6th, 2015

    Best anime

  2. tonylet

    Jan 7th, 2015


  3. fghsdfsdf

    Apr 2nd, 2015


  4. Chevy

    Jun 1st, 2016

    Dose Yona have the blood of the red dragon in her

  5. Chevy

    Jun 1st, 2016

    Why is this show not a harem

  6. Somerandompeople

    Jun 2nd, 2016


    no chevy hiryuu wasn’t a dragon he was just a redhaired dude and was loved by the dragons and because of that zeno, abi, gu-en, i dont know the name ryokuryuu drank the blood of the four dragons so that they could protect hiryuu. hiryuu was a normal human but also the king of hiryuu castle

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