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"The Senjuso Test"
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Episode Summary: Captain Gigan's task is for Yona to go by herself to collect some senjuso, a valuable herb found only on the Mist-Shrouded Cape, a sheer, sea-facing cliff. Despite her fear, Yona continues, with Jae-ha following until the path becomes too narrow. She reaches the cave where the senjuso grows, and reemerges, only to be swept away by a sudden large wave, and is left hanging from a thorny branch. Jae-ha jumps to the rescue, but Yona refuses his help, saying her promise to the captain would be broken. Another wave sweeps up the rock and Jae-ha saves Yona. They return and Yona admits to Captain Gigan that she had help from Jae-ha. Yona insists on going back to pick the plant again, with no help. Captain Gigan laughs it off, saying that Yona is worthy enough to join the pirates. Shin-Ah spots ships with armed men on the horizon. The captain explains that Kumji has an important deal with a group from the Kai empire who deal in human trafficking.

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