Aku ano Hana Episode 1 English Subbed

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"Flowers of Evil 1 of 13"

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Episode Summary: Kasuga is a literary nerd who goes to middle school in a small town. He idolizes Baudelaire and is in love with his beautiful and brilliant classmate Saeki. In his class there is also a redheaded outcast called Nakamura. One day after class, he returns to the classroom for a book he's forgotten, only to find Saeki's sports clothes on the floor.

16 Responses to “Aku ano Hana Episode 1”

  1. BOOM

    Apr 5th, 2013

  2. animestarfan

    Apr 5th, 2013


  3. AnimeDEMN

    Apr 5th, 2013

    first of new anime dislike :(

  4. Raining


    Apr 6th, 2013

    What is this?! They look nothing like the manga! Nothing like their characters!

  5. j

    Apr 6th, 2013

    It’s very unique.

    The whole anime is rotoscoped with plenty and consistent frames. Background art is very sharp as well

    Using realistic faces as well.. but this isn’t what I wanted from an anime.

  6. Sugoisan

    Apr 6th, 2013

    at 16:18 your ears will bleed.

  7. Cheshyre Kat

    Apr 6th, 2013

    Ya know, this manga was pretty screwed up… but I can see certain crowds liking it for the pervyness. 30 seconds into it and I realized that their budget must have been less than some high school clubs. I’ve seen better COME from high school clubs. Garbage.

  8. Samar

    Apr 6th, 2013

    Seems interesting but need time to get used to the art.

  9. TeaDragon

    Apr 6th, 2013

    Ok I guess we all agree that the background is well done but the character design is so fckin bad!

  10. GrayHatter

    Apr 6th, 2013

    What the- What have they done? >:(

    It’s as if they filmed a drama and decided that they want an anime instead. So they cut up pieces of paper, glued it over the people, and called it an anime ><

  11. AlchemyBlue


    Apr 10th, 2013

    Morons, its not character design or low budgeting. Its called rotoscoping and its about time we get more different and unique styles of anime

  12. Sugoisan

    Apr 13th, 2013

    I agree with AlchemyBlue, don’t get hung up on the art. it has nothing to do with budget, thats just what the author wanted.

  13. Brokenwings

    Apr 13th, 2013

    I think what AlchemyBlue and others are failing to understand is that this is a manga turned anime. People want to see the manga move not this junk. Whether it is art or not the fact remains that this is a serious disappointment from people that read the manga before watching and that is the reason behind the negative comments. For others that didn’t read the manga yeh it may keep their interest but for most we don’t want it.

  14. crnr


    Jul 14th, 2013

    this deffinitely tops my WTF list for anime that I watched even with out reading the manga >..<

  15. enagusteh

    Oct 9th, 2013

    O_O fck

  16. blackhex

    Jun 13th, 2015


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