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"Before the War / Til Going to be a Storm"
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Episode Summary: Inaho successfully revives Asseylum in the shower room using CPR and a defibrillator, but Rayet grabs Magbaredge's pistol and holds everyone hostage. Rayet blames Asseylum for being able to integrate into the UFE while she and her father were outcasts, before turning the gun on herself. However, Inaho disarms her, offering her another chance to fight the Martians. Magbaredge throws Rayet in the brig, then goes off to privately watch Marito's confession in Yagarai's lab. Meanwhile, Saazbaum reveals to Slaine that the Vers Empire convinced their people to attack Earth to distract them from their own problems of producing enough food and water on a relatively-dead Mars. Saazbaum and his wife, Viscountess Orleans, joined the attack on Earth at Tanegashima, but Orleans was killed by Heaven's Fall as he escaped. Back on Earth, the Deucalion finally arrives at UFE headquarters in Russia, and Asseylum tries to broadcast her message calling for a ceasefire. However, Saazbaum tells Slaine that the satellite base on the Moon is staffed by his allies so no Martian will ever hear it. Saazbaum then offers Slaine use of Cruhteo's recovered Kataphract Tharsis and a choice: stay and fight with him, or escape to Earth and be treated as an enemy.

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