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"Wind, Snow and Stars / Battle of Novosterisk"
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Episode Summary: Saazbaum directs his Landing Castle to touch down close to the UFE headquarters, and then uses bunker buster missiles to clear a path for his forces to attack the base and kill Asseylum. The UE forces attempt to defend their position, but the Martian Kataphracts easily rip through their lines. Asseylum proposes that the Deucalion carry her to the Landing Castle, where she can personally shut off its Aldnoah Drive and cut off Saazbaum's forces from their power source. Asseylum manages to reach the Deucalion with some late help from Rayet and Edelrittuo, and the ship shoots its way out of the base. Inaho then formulates a plan to deliver Asseylum via HALO jump from the stratosphere. Using unmanned dummy robots as cover from the castle's anti-air defenses, Inaho and his comrades manage to clear a path for Asseylum, but before Asseylum's Kataphract can jump, Saazbaum's Kat Dioskuria appears in the stratosphere and shoots it down with the Deucalion. With the original plan ruined, Magbaredge decides to deliver Asseylum by ramming the damaged Deucalion itself into the Landing Castle.

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