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"Beyond the Horizon / The Longest Day on Earth"
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Episode Summary: The Vers invasion begins with Landing Castles crashing into New Orleans, Maputo, Beijing, and Tokyo. Martian Kataphrakts emerge and begin to devastate the Terran defenders. In Shinawara, while preparing to evacuate, Inaho finds Edelrittuo and an unknown girl and informs them they need to evacuate. The girl subdues him and asks him what the evacuation is for, prompting Inaho to inform them about the assassination of Princess Asseylum. The girl then reveals to Inaho that Asseylum became ill after making planet fall due to the change in gravity and it was actually a body double that died. Meanwhile, the terrorists who committed the assassination are revealed to be Vers loyalists, but are promptly killed by Baron Trillram of the Vers Empire to ensure the truth about the false flag operation is never revealed. Rayet, the daughter of the one of the agents, manages to survive the attack and flees. 2nd Lt. Marito's squad engages Trillram, but are defeated by him. Inaho and his friends arrive in an APC and manage to rescue Rayet and Yuki. However, Trillram pursues them in order to silence Rayet, and Okisuke is thrown off the vehicle and is killed after being absorbed by Trillram's shield. After entering a tunnel and evading Trillram, Inaho receives orders from Marito to draw Trillram's Kataphrakt away to buy more time for an evacuation.

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  1. animeloversp

    Jul 12th, 2014

    Shits going down.

  2. wolfeboy

    Jul 12th, 2014

    interesting very interesting cant wait for next ep

  3. samuraisone

    Jul 12th, 2014

    this anime is awesome.main character is all calm making eggrolls and shit lol

  4. Kapitan O

    Jul 13th, 2014

    I guess 2005 is not a good year for New Orleans no matter what parallel universe you’re in

  5. AsakuraSama

    Feb 23rd, 2015


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