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"The Boys of Earth / The Two Meet Each Other"
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Episode Summary: With Slaine arriving on the scene, Inaho surmises that he is here to assist them, at least for the time being. Working together, Inaho and Slaine continue to keep the Hellas' flying arms away from the Watdatsumi. During the attacks, one of the flying arms is knocked off course and hits a cliff side, revealing a hidden dock. Knowing that the ship won't last long in the open, Magbaredge orders the Watdatsumi to take shelter in the dock, and destroys the entrance behind them. The crew then decides to explore the hidden dock, and find a secret underground facility holding the remains of the Martian Kataphrakt Marito fought 15 years ago, as well as something else. Inaho, Yuki, and Inko decide to remain outside to continue to fight Femieanne. Deciding to take the fight directly to her, Inaho boards Slaine's craft. He figures out that the flying arms' armor is weak at the engines and the palms, and exploits this weakness to destroy all of them. Angered, Femieanne attempts to use the Hellas to ram Inaho and Slaine, but is interrupted when a giant alien battleship, activated by Asseylum and piloted by the Watdatsumi crew, emerges from Tanegashima. Inaho and Slaine shoot down Femieanne and Rayet finishes her off, destroying the Hellas and killing her. After a short exchange on each of their intentions, Inaho shoots down Slaine in preparation for his plans of potentially exploiting the princess later on.

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  1. animeloversp

    Aug 16th, 2014

    Inaho is so fucking badass, doesn’t hesitate to shoot an ally lol

  2. Volderoth

    Aug 16th, 2014

    I like him as an MC, much different than the wimps and ones who win by luck

  3. eddydadi

    Aug 16th, 2014

    SUGOOOOOI >/////////<

  4. samuraisone

    Aug 16th, 2014

    asdsfhgddlkgjgdjsk love this

  5. GURUu

    Aug 22nd, 2014

    Inaho must be like princess is my. :) no offence

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