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"This Side of Paradise / Sleeping Beauty in the Moon"
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Episode Summary: 19 months after the events at Saazbaum's Landing Castle, a UFE raiding party finds themselves shot down by the Tharsis, piloted by Slaine himself. Slaine has become a Vers Knight with the power of Aldnoah under Saazbaum, and the Vers Empire has been slowly conquering North and South America under the new support of Princess Asseylum as they plan to expand their reach. On Earth, the crew of the Deucalion prepare to finish their R&R when they come under attack from a Martian Kataphract called the Frozen Elysium, capable of freezing all matter around it. The UFE Kataphracts find that they can't hit this new threat before getting frozen to death, when Inaho appears in his restored KG-6 Sleipnir, a training mech, using airburst grenades to create a small path through the freezing field and destroy the enemy. The episode flashes back to the moments after Asseylum and Inaho were shot in the Landing Castle. Slaine decided to spare Saazbaum and escape with him and Asseylum in the Tharsis, while Inko and Yuki tried to get a wounded Inaho back to base where he needed surgery. Things looked grim with Asseylum absent and the Deucalion still unpowered. However, the blood from Princess Asseylum that had splattered on his face was ingested and it was discovered that Inaho now has the power to activate Aldnoah Drives as well, and use it to reactivate the Deucalion. In the present, with repairs complete, the Deucalion launches into space. Meanwhile, the Princess Asseylum giving the war speeches to the Vers Empire turns out to be another Princess named Lemrina, disguising herself as Asseylum under Saazbaum's supervision. As the night ends, Slaine goes to visit the real Asseylum, being kept alive in a medical tank.

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  1. Ragingfox


    Jan 10th, 2015

    Bishes, destroying everything in the last ep of previous season… Better be good.

  2. marijerome

    Jan 10th, 2015

    oh shizz. i can’t wait to watch this

  3. williamdeff


    Jan 10th, 2015

    here it is

  4. Youareadisease

    Jan 10th, 2015

    I poop my pants.

  5. GrayWolf

    Jan 10th, 2015

    Well knew that was how S2 would start.
    The second princess was a bit of a supprise though.

  6. Kumogani


    Jan 10th, 2015


  7. KronoKnight


    Jan 10th, 2015

    Can’t wait to see what happens!!

  8. klamens

    Jan 10th, 2015


  9. wolfeboy

    Jan 10th, 2015

    Cant wait for next ep will be interesting along with the rest to come

  10. XYUKI

    Jan 10th, 2015


  11. olympus

    Jan 11th, 2015

    hmm what a weird outcome Slayne still looks crazy sick in the head as usual.

  12. huio

    Jan 11th, 2015

    woot..there’s wind in space? o.0

  13. XxDrinkBleachxX

    Jan 11th, 2015

    Came into this episode. Thought, “well this should be interesting, they killed off all the main characters in the last season…” 10 minutes in everyone is still alive. Saw Saazbaum, was really depressed. Realized princess is siding with Saazbaum now. Not sure how to handle this.

  14. XxDrinkBleachxX

    Jan 11th, 2015

    Disregard that thing about the princess, made a mistake. Lapse in judgement due to lack of sleep.

  15. ChristianGaming


    Jan 12th, 2015

    “its rayleigh scattering that makes the sky blue.”
    He already said that to the princess somewhere in season 1.
    just by the hearing that sentence, inaho confirms that the
    princess on the video was a fake.

  16. Rozenol

    Jan 16th, 2015

    Inaho is still as cool as ever I see ^~^

  17. KilsuAgnus

    Feb 5th, 2015


  18. AkkaUnkko

    Mar 2nd, 2015


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