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"Out of the Past / Encounter and Farewell"
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Episode Summary: Slaine greets Klancain and tries to subtly convince him to join his side. However, Klancain is staunchly loyal to the Emperor and remains skeptical of Slaine's motives. Meanwhile, the UFE decides to assault the Moon Base with the aim of eliminating Princess Asseylum. It is a two-part operation, with the Deucalion assaulting Slaine's landing castle to draw enemy forces away while a second UFE force assaults the Moon Base itself. Inaho correctly predicts that the UFE will also send in covert infiltrators to assassinate Asseylum, and infiltrates the base on foot. Inside, the UFE infiltrators begin to clash with the base guards, and Asseylum, Lemrina, and Edelrittuo are separated from their guard detail. Lemrina decides to stay behind, leaving Asseylum and Edelrittuo to try and evacuate to the landing bay themselves. Meanwhile, Inaho encounters Slaine and accuses him of exploiting Asseylum like he feared, and they both have a brief gunfight before Inaho is able to escape. He finally manages to find Asseylum, but passes out from his wounds. Inaho's artificial eye then takes control of his consciousness, and reveals to Asseylum that Inaho considered Asseylum a part of himself, and prioritized her safety above his own. Touched, Asseylum instructs the eye to tell Inaho that he is a part of her as well, and also asks for an unmentioned favor. Inaho's eye then instructs Asseylum to head to a designated airlock where Inko will extract her, telling her that help will soon arrive to evacuate Inaho. Asseylum and Edelrittuo reach the designated airlock, but are cornered by a UFE commando. The commando is then shot and killed by Klancain, who introduces himself to Asseylum.

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