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"The Unvanquished / Sky of Prayer"
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Episode Summary: After rescuing Asseylum, Klancain evacuates her to his ship against Slaine's wishes. Slaine tries to convince Asseylum to return, but she refuses. With most of the Orbital Knights now loyal to Slaine, Edelrittuo tells Asseylum that she can trust Mazuurek, who agrees to shelter them in his landing castle to repay his debt to Inaho. Determined to stop the war, Asseylum makes contact with her grandfather. Unfortunately, the Emperor's physical and mental condition have deteriorated significantly, making him incapable of ruling. Meanwhile, Inaho regains consciousness and escapes the Moon Base with Inko's assistance. The UFE then temporarily withdraws from the battle to regroup, intending to take the Moon Base in one final attack. Slaine is aware of the UFE attack, and in response, not only sends forces to intercept them, but orders every Orbital Knight on Earth to simultaneously attack as well in order to ensure the complete destruction of the UFE. However, Slaine's orders are interrupted when Asseylum broadcasts a message to both the UFE and the Orbital Knights, proclaiming her intentions to foster peace between Earth and Vers with her official ascension of the throne as Empress of Vers. She also announces that she will marry Klancain.

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  1. Ippo

    Mar 21st, 2015

    almost there… the climax

  2. kaapkolonie

    Mar 21st, 2015

    yeah but what will the 2 main characters fight over now now that the princes is getting marry’d to that knight. it just seems to me that both of them have lost their initial reasons for fighting and now there just bonking heads for the sake of it or just to prove who’s most macho

  3. That guy...

    Mar 21st, 2015

    I just hope she getting “married” with the knight for the sake of stopping the war but still has real feelings for Inaho or Slaine, mostly Inaho.

  4. Just

    Mar 21st, 2015


  5. klamens

    Mar 22nd, 2015

    oh shit 1000000000000000000000000000000

  6. rosettique

    Mar 22nd, 2015

    am i the only one crying over that last still in the ed?

  7. Flacian

    Mar 22nd, 2015

    DL please.

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