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"Inherit the Stars / A Meteor that I Saw Before"
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Episode Summary: After Asseylum gives her speech, the Orbital Knights, now in a state of confusion, decide to call off their full-scale attack until they can figure out what is going on. Realizing that the battle is lost, Slaine orders the Moon Base to be evacuated and to surrender to the UFE. Lemrina is put onto a transport ship with the rest of the noncombatants, while Harklight and the rest of Slaine's forces defy Slaine's orders and continue to battle the UFE. Eventually, they are all completely destroyed in one final, doomed charge against the Deucalion. Seeing that his forces are still battling and that he has nothing to lose at this point, Slaine boards the Tharsis and engages Inaho in single combat. Both pilots manage to heavily damage their opponents, with Inaho narrowly achieving victory. The Tharsis begins to fall into Earth's atmosphere, but Inaho saves Slaine's life by grabbing the Tharsis and stabilizing its descent. Some time later, a formal peace agreement has been signed between Earth and Vers, including a trade agreement where Vers would provide Earth with Aldnoah technology in return for resources. Slaine is officially blamed for the assassination attempt against Asseylum and is reported as having been killed. In reality, Slaine is being held in a secret prison facility. He asks Inaho why he spared his life, with Inaho revealing he was following Asseylum's wishes, as the favor she asked of him was to "save Slaine". Realizing Asseylum still cares for him. The series ends with Asseylum, Inaho, and Slaine smiling as they look forward to the future.

9 Responses to “Aldnoah Zero Season 2 Episode 12”

  1. williamdeff


    Mar 28th, 2015

    final episode ?

  2. GrayWolf

    Mar 28th, 2015

    Bad ending. :(

  3. That guy...

    Mar 28th, 2015

    Why was it a bad ending? I mean it was pretty good, I wanted the princess with Inaho but it was a great close for this kind of series.

  4. klamens

    Mar 28th, 2015

    cool 100000000000000000000000

  5. Sousuke


    Mar 29th, 2015

    hmmm……great story, not as what i hope on final episode and ending! hope there will going make a season 3…..still don’t know what happen to the vers traitor…inaho also still not meet yet princess assylum .

  6. olympus

    Mar 29th, 2015

    Inaho looks like Nick Fury From S.H.I.E.L.D.

  7. Akuura

    Mar 30th, 2015

    Inaho gets skin cancer and gets saved by a skin transplant. After surviving, he founds Shield and changes his name to Nick Fury to avoid fame!

    But all jokes aside, the ending was just too short. I supose if you boiled down the last Gundam Seed episodes from 5 to 1, you’d get an ending like this with just less battle fotage. However, I do not feel like this is a good ending, despite everything we wanted came through. We just want more from such a long build up where basically every episode seem epic.

    Hope there is a 3rd season =)

  8. crnr


    Apr 6th, 2015

    never in my life that I would thought a orange robot would look cool >///<

    but that eyepatch WOW that was just plain bad ass

    I guess that's as long as it can go huh.

  9. COSMOSvsAlien

    Jun 20th, 2015

    Huh? whatever this anime has no fanservice at all. I there ever be a season i will just read the summary. What a waste of time. :(

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