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"The Beautiful and Damned / Unearthly Neighbors"
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Episode Summary: The UFE forces gather in Earth's orbit at Trident Base, built into an asteroid, as they prepare for a large-scale operation against another asteroid base called Marineros, which is owned by Vers. Meanwhile, Saazbaum rallies his own forces for a quick strike on Trident as they travel to Marineros Base. Slaine finds that Lemrina shut down the Tharsis' Aldnoah Drive, and tries to reason with her to get it running again. Eventually, Slaine gets her to restart the Tharsis. As Lemrina visits her still-unconscious sister and schemes to replace her position, the Martian forces begin their assault while the UFE dig in on nearby asteroids. Inaho makes use of his new cybernetic eye to accurately shoot down several enemies, but Slaine uses the power of his Tharsis to see the trajectories of the shells being fired at him, and dodges at the last second. The Martian forces soon pass by the base as Inaho and Slaine confirm that they fought each other.

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  1. XYUKI

    Jan 17th, 2015


  2. Fanjazztic

    Jan 17th, 2015

    Shit slain, hope inaho rips his head off, so glad he’s still alive!

    Cause hes freakin awesome!

  3. Solkard

    Jan 17th, 2015

    So they could develop optical sensors and trajectory software to for a tiny cybernetic eye, but couldn’t be bothered to update the targeting platforms of any of their other combat units or space stations?

    It’s like they don’t even want to win this stupid thing.

  4. jbmc

    Jan 17th, 2015

    @solkard you totally missed the point. Inaho is supposed to be a genius, so he’s doing all the calculations in his head. The eye gives him the data necessary such as changes in velocity or trajectory.

  5. klamens

    Jan 17th, 2015


  6. EXTIA

    Jan 17th, 2015

    really awesome epp!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stupid guy

    Jan 18th, 2015

    It´s a pity the opening song and ending isn´t as epic as the last season

  8. XYUKI

    Jan 18th, 2015

    I hope slaine has a good enough reason.

  9. Takeru

    Jan 14th, 2016

    Inaho is awesome! He can easily understand the situation and formulate the necessary actions.

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