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"Toll for the Brave / Pivoting Trap"
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Episode Summary: Both UFE and Vers forces prepare for battle on their respective asteroid bases. Magbaredge confirms with Inaho that it wasn't Asseylum's blood alone that gave him the ability to activate Aldnoah Drives, but something that was transferred when he gave her CPR. Meanwhile, other Counts of the Vers Empire show open contempt at Slaine for being a Terran, but before they harm him, Saazbaum abruptly announces that he is adopting Slaine as his son and legal heir. Finally, Trident and Marineros bases are close enough that the two sides begin their attacks. Inaho shoots down several enemy spacecraft and eventually runs into Slaine again, confirming that he is somehow able to accurately predict the near future like himself. Saazbaum appears in his refurbished Dioscuria II, and mentions that his shield's weak spot is different from last time as he chases down Inaho. With Inaho's help, Inko manages to disable the Dioscuria II's shield just as a micrometeoroid shower hits it, disabling the Kataphract. Slaine then tells Saazbaum that the shower was actually his own work, using Tharsis' systems to accurately pinpoint where Saazbaum would be two minutes in the future so he could destroy him as revenge for shooting Asseylum. After a second micrometeoroid shower finishes off Saazbaum, Slaine becomes a Count of the Vers Empire while Inaho confirms from Slaine's speech that Asseylum is alive.

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  1. Lucius

    Jan 24th, 2015

    totally hate Slaine >-<

  2. klamens

    Jan 24th, 2015

    nice 10000000

  3. lurkingbad

    Jan 25th, 2015

    will we see tragic ending again? you can’t be sure i’ll be back again

  4. XYUKI

    Jan 25th, 2015

    i personally like slaine lol

  5. Yuuji

    Jan 28th, 2015

    I don’t dislike Slayne at all but goddammit all! The Tarsis has the Zero system!!

  6. PineTreeOtaku


    Nov 15th, 2016

    THiS aNIMe gives me mixed feelings 0.e

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