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"Soldiers' Pay / Attack on the Burning Sand"
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Episode Summary: Down on Earth, Yuki and Marito are part of a UFE squadron garrisoned in Yemen, when they are informed that the Deucalion will be transferred to their area, giving them a chance to reunite with the crew. Meanwhile, on the Moon, Slaine reaffirms his loyalty to Lemrina as Princess Asseylum's guardian. He then discusses the ramifications of his inheritance of Saazbaum's position with Harklight. Slaine realizes that the others Vers Knights will suspect that he had betrayed Saazbaum, so he decides he must do something that will earn their respect. Meanwhile, the faction of Vers Knights who oppose Slaine's promotion order Count Mazuurek to begin an offensive. Count Mazuurek has so far avoided fighting, seeking to preserve Earth's natural resources, but reluctantly deploys in his Kataphract which generates artificial gravity waves to defend itself. Yuki and Marito are sent to intercept, but cannot penetrate Mazuurek's defenses. Marito then realizes that Mazuurek's Kataphract is vulnerable to attacks from above, and lures him to an area where Inaho can fire at him from orbit. Mazuurek's Kataphract is disabled and Mazuurek himself is captured. The Deucalion finally lands and Yuki and Marito are reunited with the crew. However, they find out that Slaine has singlehandedly destroyed Trident Base. Slaine wins the respect of the Vers Knights and silences his detractors, while Inaho realizes he has no choice but to defeat Slaine.

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