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"The Turning Wheel / Conspiracy Dawn"
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Episode Summary: On Earth, Count Mazuurek is imprisoned by the UFE while Yuki and Marito reunite with their comrades from the Deucalion. Inaho reveals to Doctor Yagarai that he customized his own cybernetic left eye, and Yagarai responds that it may lead to brain problems down the road. Later, Inaho interrogates Mazuurek, managing to find some common ground with him regarding Princess Asseylum. That night, Inaho and Rayet sneak Mazuurek out of the UFE base and into the desert, offering him a chance to get back home under the conditions that he find the real Asseylum and determine Slaine's real objective. Inko witnesses Inaho's act, but chooses not to report it. Meanwhile, at the Vers' Moon base, Count Marylcian initiates a private conversation with Lemrina (disguised as Asseylum) and states that she is caged bird. Marylcian then personally arrives at the station, unwilling to forgive Slaine for being a Terran, and formally challenges Slaine to a duel for the honor of being Asseylum's Royal Guard.

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