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"Here to There / The Flaw in Paradise"
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Episode Summary: Lemrina, disguised as Asseylum, continues her announcement to the Martian Knights, ordering them to unite under Slaine's banner. With Asseylum, and by extension her power to activate Aldnoah, under his control, Slaine effectively becomes the uncontested leader of the Martian Knights. Meanwhile, Asseylum regains consciousness, much to Slaine and Eddelrittuo's enjoyment. However, Slaine decides to keep news of Asseylum's recover secret from Lemrina, instead telling her that Asseylum's condition has worsened and that Lemrina cannot visit her anymore. Lemrina then reiterates her pledge of loyalty to Slaine, who feels uncomfortable having to lie to her. In addition, an amnesiac Asseylum recovers, she begins to recall memories about Inaho, much to Slaine's dismay. Finding his resolve, Slaine decides to continue with his plans. Back on Earth, the Deucalion is tasked with assaulting another Landing Castle. However, when the Deucalion crew begins to gain the upper hand, two more Martian Knights arrive as reinforcements. The Deucalion crew are then left in a situation they never had to consider before: being attacked by three Martian Knights simultaneously. Inaho realizes that this kind of organization could have only been possible under Slaine's direction.

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