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"The Light of Day / Price of Honor"
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Episode Summary: Now facing three Martian Knights at once, the UFE forces are quickly surrounded and trapped. However, thanks to timely intervention from the Deucalion, Inaho and his squad manage to escape, but not without the Deucalion suffering severe damage that disables its navigation systems. Inaho then uses his cybernetic eye to help navigate the ship, but later begins to feel pain as a side effect of overusing his eye. The Deucalion then receives new orders from HQ ordering them to renew the attack, much to their displeasure. On the Moon, Count Mazuurek holds a personal audience with the disguised Lemrina, and deduces that she is an imposter based on her conflicting account of her experiences with Inaho on Earth. Now convinced Inaho is right, Mazuurek then sneaks onto Slaine's landing castle and returns Asseylum's lost pendant to Edelrittuo. Meanwhile, Slaine begins to feel stressed over having to both hide Asseylum's recovery from Lemrina as well as having to lie to Asseylum about what he has done. He confides in Edelrittuo that perhaps his predicament is punishment for losing faith that Asseylum would wake up. Lemrina eventually begins to feel distressed at how Slaine is becoming more distant from her, and discovers that Asseylum is missing from her recovery tank. At the same time, Edelrittuo gives the pendant back to Asseylum, which triggers the full recovery of her memories.

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