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"And The Two"
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Episode Summary: Allison and Wil are now married and living together in an apartment in the city. Allison's father comes to Wil and asks him to become a member of the Sou Beil intelligence agency that he himself is a member of, but Wil would have to create a new life and throw away his old one. After thinking for a long time, he informs Allison of his plans and she accepts that he has to do what he must do. Before he left, Wil got Allison pregnant, though he learns of this after he has left. Fifteen years pass and Allison is living in the same apartment with her daughter Lilliane, or Lillia for short. This day, Allison has a date with a man named Travas, though he is in fact Wil albeit with a different hair color.

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  1. crnr


    Jun 8th, 2014

    I can only imagine the pain of having that kind of calling TT-TT
    still don’t get it why she didn’t say she was pregnant >.<
    holy shit what is with that [email protected]$ing long name XD
    mr TRAVAS my ass XD

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