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Episode Summary: A shy girl named Risa Kamizaki confesses to Junichi, which he later accepts and agrees to become her boyfriend, but she wants to keep their relationship a secret. Junichi wants to go the Founder's Festival with Risa and introduce her to his friends, which Risa thinks about it. Unknown to him, Risa's unwillingness to come is because at the time when he was getting close with Haruka, Kaoru, Sae, Ai, Rihoko and Tsukasa, she was stalking him and prevented the girls from falling in love with him by showing them a doctored photo that Junichi already has a girlfriend. Later, while visiting the park where he was stood up two years ago, Junichi meets Makihara, the girl who stood him up. To his surprise, Makihara never stood him up because a classmate of hers told her that he was waiting for her at the cinema. On the day of the festival, Risa tells Junichi she wants to end their relationship as she reveals she was the one who lied to Makihara and was also responsible for his heartbreak. Not only that, she reveals that she also sabotaged his relationships with the other girls who were interested in him as well. Feeling guilty, Risa tells Junichi he deserves someone better than her, but he forgives since he feels better now that he knows the truth as he still loves her. Risa is glad that Junichi has forgiven her and later apologizes to the girls that she lied to before spending the festival with Junichi.

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  1. Elstender


    Apr 29th, 2013

    This Anime makes people jealous….

  2. Lonstein

    Jun 2nd, 2014

    where did this girl come from?

  3. Drex

    Jan 13th, 2016

    This is what’s known as a plot character, and that’s plot without the quotes. She was only a means to lazily tie up the ending and some loose back story bits.

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