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"Silk Flower Sleeps"

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Episode Summary: This episode begins with the telling of Kuchiha's past with her grandfather, on how they were worshipped like gods in the village, and then feared because they thought they would be cursed. How Shamon meets Kuchiha is also mentioned. It was then Shamon and the ayakashi inugami in Kuchiha conversed with each other. Shamon volunteered to take in both Kuchiha and the inugami, and the inugami agrees. After that, it becomes a flashback from the point of view of a man, Kosen, who recently became monk that Ginshu is in a prohibited area. He is able to see demons, and despite his family's opposition, he became a monk. Kosen thought that Ginshu is a demon due to the curse, and wanted to chase Ginshu out. Before Kosen joined Ginshu's shrine, he was at Shamon's but left when he thought Shamon was an incompetent monk. Shamon then introduced him to Sakagami Shrine. When Ginshu left, a tengu, which was thought to be a bird by Kosen, spoke to him. Back in the present, Shinonome was in the kitchen, chatting with Kosen on how he was treating Kuchiha like a human despite knowing she was possessed by an Inugami.

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