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Episode Summary: The heroine returns to the cafe she collapsed in, after realizing that she works there, and regains another memory. She remembers Shin, her childhood friend, sitting next to her and telling her that he killed someone. As the heroine and Orion head home, she is almost run over by a truck, but a mysterious young man with long green hair saves her. He asks if she remembers him before leaving. The next day, the Heroine goes on a trip with her coworkers into the forest. She remembers going with her coworker Kent to a festival, but Kent doesn't remember the event. At night, walking outside with Shin, she becomes frightened of him and starts running away from him, and accidentally falls off a cliff. The green-haired man appears, but can't reach her in time. Suddenly, she wakes up bandaged in the hospital and realizes that time has reverted back to August 1. Orion has disappeared. Shin enters her hospital room, and to her surprise, kisses her.

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