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Episode Summary: Ikki escorts the Heroine home, where she gets a text message from an unknown person about a "daily report." On the street, wondering what Ikki's real personality is, she encounters the man with long green hair who greets her and gives her confusing advice before departing. When the heroine returns to work, she learns that a trip into the forest is scheduled. The date matches the trip when she fell from the cliff, but only Ikki's fan club is going on the trip this time. The heroine gets a call at home from Ikki, but he is drunk, and he expresses his distaste for his fangirls, except for the heroine. The heroine goes on the trip into the forest with the fan club. When they are alone, Ikki tells her that when he was younger, he wished on a falling star that girls would fall in love with him, and it came true: any girl who looks into his eyes falls for him instantly. But over time he has come to despise the superficial levels of affection he receives. He cares for the heroine because his supernatural charm does not work on her, and her affections for him are genuine. The following night, at a pier, the Heroine is confronted by the four girls that are in Ikki's fan club, and learns that they choose to only date him for three months each in order to share him. They threaten her because she broke a promise to deliver her "daily report" about her activities with Ikki, which was their condition for allowing her to date him. The girls push the Heroine onto a small boat and push the boat out into the lake. Orion appears again, and they talk for a few minutes before realizing that the boat has begun leaking. The heroine panics, falls into the water, and drowns.

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  1. orli

    Mar 1st, 2013

    Ikki!!! ♥

  2. Chevy

    Aug 4th, 2016

    Let me guess she dies and is reborn as one of the guys girlfriends. Will this stop when she can date one of the guys longer then three months with out dying

  3. Chevy

    Aug 4th, 2016

    She should stay away from that one girl so nothing bad happens

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