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Episode Summary: After the heroine sees Toma, she passes out and is taken to the hospital. After a short stay, a doctor talks to her, and it appears nothing is wrong. Toma escorts the Heroine to her home, and gives her his phone - hers was broken according to Toma. The next morning, the Heroine wakes up upon hearing somebody leaving something in her mailbox. The heroine finds a mound of trash inside. Shortly afterward, Toma is shocked to find that there is nothing in the mailbox, apparently attempting to clean it out. Later, Toma and the Heroine go to a back alley, where the heroine discreetly asks if they are going out. Toma says that they are. They then head to her workplace to request a leave of absence. They then go to Toma's home. Later that night, the heroine leaves, alone. Later, Ukyo reveals himself and grabs her hand, telling her that "she will die soon." However, Toma comes in and shoves Ukyo away. Ukyo disappears immediately afterward, and Toma comforts the Heroine, offering to let her stay at his home for the night. The heroine agrees - Toma sleeps on the floor, with the heroine in the bed. The next morning, Toma is still sleeping, so the Heroine decides to comfort him by moving the blanket onto him. To her surprise he grabs her and holds her, muttering about how she couldn't sleep alone. Toma wakes up soon afterward, and they agree to take a break for some time and have some fun. They decide to go shopping. Later, they take a break, and the Heroine decides to buy some drinks. However, one of Ikki's fangirls sneaks up behind her and cuts her hair. Two more of them approach her, and the three confront the heroine with angry expressions.

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  1. Chitanda


    Mar 8th, 2013

    Lol There’s no kissing scence XDD

  2. tommyvanush

    Mar 21st, 2013

    Tatakau Shisho The Book of Bantorra 26.m…

  3. Chevy

    Aug 4th, 2016

    Her and that long haired guy are some how connected. She needs to avoid those girls.

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