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"Stairway to Heaven"

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Episode Summary: Set between episodes four and five, Yuri comes up with 'Operation High Tension Syndrome', encouraging the other members to behave as wildly as possible, so they would appear to be enjoying school without disappearing. Yuri hopes this will make Angel wonder what is happening and lead them straight to God, threatening the others with no food for a week if they fail. They attempt this by acting excited in class, snacking heavily and culminating with a huge sports meet. However, when Angel comes to inspect them, everyone is too tired, leaving only Shiina who expresses how cute her doll is. They later follow Angel down to an underground base where they assume they will find God, but instead only find an underground greenhouse belonging to the defunct gardening club, which Angel decided to check after hearing Shiina's cute comment. Annoyed with the results, Yuri forces everyone to starve for a week. Ultimately, this results in her singlehandedly wiping out the entire SSS.

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    I love this anime, it’s awesome xD

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    Wow im speachless

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    She is the best villain ever…..
    y they picked her as their leader i will never understand…..

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    xD This episode always makes me laugh

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    what a damn retarded idiots are those guys there funny as hell!!!

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    hahaha, poor TK
    they looked like super idiots (except Otonashi) XD and funny too of course

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    its so AWESOME!

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    laughtrip over 99999.. haha.

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    download ada aq kisah

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    i want to dl this anime so baddddddddddddddddddddddd

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    Probably one of the best, and most crazy, episodes of this great anime I’ve seen.

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    I was so lost on what was happening and now I started to think they should have added it before earlier in the season because I thought it was more to lead on to a season 2

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