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Episode Summary: A boy named Otonashi wakes up in the world of the afterlife with no memories of the time when he was still alive. Immediately after waking up, he meets a girl named Yuri pointing a sniper rifle at a girl in the distance named Angel. Yuri wants him to join her group the SSS—Shinda Sekai Sensen (死んだ世界戦線?, lit. Afterlife War Front)—in fighting against Angel, but Otonashi goes to talk to Angel instead. After Otonashi asks her to prove he cannot die, as he is already dead, Angel creates a blade out of thin air and stabs him through the heart. He wakes up the next day terrified by what happened and tries to find a way to escape the world he has come to leading him to the headquarters of the SSS. There, he meets many of the other SSS members and decides to join them for the time being. Yuri later explains things about the afterlife to Otonashi, such as the existence of numerous people Yuri deems "non-player characters" (NPCs) as they are not human, but look and act the part. That night, the SSS prepare for "Operation Tornado", a plan to steal some meal tickets from the NPCs. A girls band named Girls Dead Monster in the SSS distracts the NPCs inside the cafeteria while other members engage in battle against Angel outside long enough for the plan to succeed. After the operation, everyone retreats back to the cafeteria to eat with the meal tickets they obtained.

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