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"Goodbye Days"

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Episode Summary: Otonashi tells Kanade that the first person they should try to get to pass on is Yui because he believes her to have little left to fulfill, only to discover she has many things left she wants to do. This is because Yui was paralyzed in life from the neck down at a young age due to being hit by a car, leaving her unable to have a happy life. Otonashi manages to fulfill her wish of performing a German suplex after some practice, and another wish of scoring a goal single-handedly against five opponents (the so-called Goal of the Century"), though with some extra help from Kanade. Otonashi next tries to fulfill her wish of hitting a home run, but is unable to accomplish this after several days of trying. Yui's last wish is to get married, which prompts Hinata who overheard the conversation to say he will marry her. Despite Yui giving excuses about her being handicapped in life, Hinata promises that they would have been happy together had they met before they died. With her last wish fulfilled, Yui passes on. Hinata agrees to help Otonashi in allowing their friends to finally be happy and pass on. In the school hallway, Ōyama is attacked by a mysterious creature and Noda is able to fend it off. Yuri hears the report from Yusa who calls it a "shadow".

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  1. Wheels

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    :’( Sucha happy sad moment, I love Yui <3

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    i love this anime

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    Apr 7th, 2013

    Such a beautiful anime! =’) i love it! ^.^

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