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"Dancer in the Dark"

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Episode Summary: The SSS try to defend themselves against the red-eyed Kanade, but it takes the original Kanade to stop her by stabbing her, only to get stabbed herself in the process. The SSS realize Kanade used her "harmonics" program to create a battle-oriented copy of herself when she sliced the huge fish from earlier, but the clone did not disappear. While Yuri uses Kanade's computer to find something to defeat the clone, the others spend time in class pretending to be good students while actually concentrating on other things. Yuri ends up rewriting "harmonics" so the next time the original Kanade uses it, the clones will be absorbed after ten seconds. After the original Kanade is kidnapped and taken deep underground to the Guild's old location, the SSS pursue. One by one, SSS members sacrifice themselves as they encounter more Angel clones on the way until only Yuri and Otonashi remain. At the bottom, Yuri fights the last clone and Otonashi goes to save the original. After she manages to activate "harmonics", the clone tells Otonashi that the ruthless clones that attacked the SSS all have their own consciousness. She questions with a smirk on what will happen if they were all to be absorbed at once. As the "absorb" program activates, the Angel clones return to the original and Kanade writhes and cries out pain as Otonashi embraces her.

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