Digimon: Our War Game

Digimon: Our War Game
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Title: Digimon: Our War Game
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Kids, Sci-Fi
Status: Completed
This movie takes place after the Adventure series ends. It begins when a new Digimon Egg is found on the internet, and manages to penetrate into almost every computer system in Japan. When the egg hatches, it’s identified as a new kind of Digimon, a Virus-type. It sustains itself by eating data from various system, and starts wreaking havok in Japan. As it consumes more and more data, it continues to evolve. And Taichi and Koushiro decide it’s time to stop it. They’re off, sending Agumon and Tentomon through the internet to fight off this new enemy. But, with the Virus controlling systems like the American military, all too moreless


Digimon: Our War Game
1820 days ago