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"Senpai Is a Heroine"

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Episode Summary: Ichika becomes the heroine of the independent film the gang were planning before summer break. Kaito agrees, while helping Ichika look for that particular place she is looking for. Kanna becomes uneasy when the lines for the film becomes somewhat uncannily realistic, especially in the scenes involving Kaito and Ichika. Even Kaito was surprised by Ichika's questions that evening. As the next day was a rainy one and filming is cancelled, Kanna goes to Kaito's house to bring some nozawana. That evening, Tetsurō, after meeting an uneasy home-bound Kanna, sneaks into Kaito's room, and tells him that she, his childhood friend, is in love with him. Ichika overhears the conversation.

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    you bad little Ms. C you shouldn’t have asked that

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    LOL I still don’t get it why does everyone ask for advice if they all are going to have the same reaction when asking about love ????

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    ur a fucking childhood friend men I would never let out a secret my childhood friend told me well unless I think its necessary >.<

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