Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 9 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: After the incident involving the rescue drone Ichika reveals her true identity to Kaito and the gang, and reveals her true intentions on Earth, namely "looking for that place in her memory." Kaito, however, isn't surprised because he already knows the fact. However, with the rather rough "rescue attempt" by the Federation rescue drone, she believes that another will come to investigate, and fears that her days on Earth are numbered; thus shunning Kaito for awhile—and sealing her feelings for him. This irritated Kanna, telling Ichika that "looking for that place" is just an excuse to avoid him. Kanna confessed that she has feelings for Kaito, and runs away after confronting Ichika—only to be consoled later by Tetsurō, hurting Mio in the process. Kaito, with a bit of encouragement from Remon, did confess to Ichika later—and, when Kaito said it's his first kiss, she revealed that she has kissed Kaito four times already, as she gave him the fifth one.

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  1. crnr


    Jun 22nd, 2013

    finally after all that wait it pays off

    so what happens next ??

  2. klamens

    Sep 10th, 2014

    that was so perfect

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