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"Rough Sketch"

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Episode Summary: Because of his father's work in India, Kōichi Sakakibara moves to Yomiyama to live with his grandparents and aunt Reiko. Due to a pneumothorax, he spends his first month there hospitalized, thus missing his first day of school. Three students from his class—Izumi Akazawa, Kazami Tomohiko, and Yukari Sakuragi—visit him, but they act strange and ask him personal questions, trying to find out whether he's lived in Yomiyama before. In a hospital elevator, Kōichi meets a girl with an eyepatch, named Mei Misaki. Once Kōichi recovers, he goes to school, and everyone is seemingly friendly with him; yet, when he asks Yukari where Mei is, she seems shocked, then pretends not to know who he is talking about. During a conversation with Mei on the roof, she tells him not to get too close to her, claiming that their class is "much closer to death" than other classes. On his way home, Kōichi sees Mei looking up at the rainy sky.

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  1. nurul izzah

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    This story is creepy but it fun to watch it

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    Awesome !! :D DD

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    i like this series gonna keep watching it

  6. Aluis

    Apr 12th, 2013

    is creepy but i like it

  7. KaosReaper

    Apr 14th, 2013

    Another is great.

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    Jul 13th, 2013

    My kind of anime!

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    awesome anime

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    perfact anime

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    creepy cool

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    Great freaking horror :(

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    i like it

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