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"Glass eye"

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Episode Summary: As Class 3-3 goes on its trip, Kōichi and the others listen to the repaired tape, in which Katsumi explains he accidentally killed someone in a fistfight. When he couldn't find the body the next day, Katsumi discovered no one else remembered the dead student, leading him to the conclusion that he had killed the "other one", believing that is what can stop the calamity. During dinner that night, as Izumi starts blaming Mei for the deaths, Daisuke Watui suddenly suffers an asthma attack. Chibiki offers to drive him to to the hospital. Later that night, Mei invites Kōichi to her room to show her the haunted Class 3-3 photo of 1972, before revealing that her cousin, Misaki Fujioka, was actually her twin sister, as she herself was taken in by her aunt (Kirika) when her pregnancy failed. This brings up the prospect that Fujioka's death in April was the first that occurred, meaning the "other one" was already in the class before Kōichi arrived. Mei then explains how her doll's eye lets her see the "color of death", which is her proof that Kōichi is not the "other one". Before she can reveal who it is, though, Naoya bursts in, saying he may have just done something terrible.

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