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Episode Summary: Naoya explains that he pushed Kazami off the balcony, believing him to be the "other one". As Kōichi and Mei go with Naoya to check if he is still alive, Kōichi finds that Manabu Maejima had been stabbed in the back; the dining hall on fire; and the manager inside, also stabbed to death. Kōichi, Naoya, and Yūya discover that the tape has gone missing, Yūya mentioning that Kazami, still alive, had come in earlier. While looking for Ms. Mikami, Naoya and Yūya are attacked and chased after by the hotel mistress, who'd caused the fire and stabbings. Meanwhile, Izumi's friend Takako, who believes Mei is the "other one" (due to being "different" from the Misaki (possibly Misaki Fujioka) she knew in elementary school) broadcasts the tape across the hotel, ordering everyone to kill Mei. Before this happens, Izumi reveals that Takako had been emotionally unstable since the trip to the beach. As Kōichi and Mei try to escape, Ms. Mikami is knocked unconscious protecting Mei; whilst Yumi falls from a window chasing them, breaking her neck. After a backdraft from the dining hall kills another student, Takako appears behind Kōichi and Mei in the staircase. She stabs Kōichi in the arm (though she lets him live, as "Izumi seems fond of you."), and comes after Mei; but is unintentionally hanged when she gets caught in some wires. As Izumi comes onto the scene, believing Mei killed Takako, Mei runs off, leaving Kōichi behind. The episode ends with scenes of the victims at the hotel.

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