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Episode Summary: While Kōichi is talking with classmates Naoya Teshigawara and Yūya Mochizuki, Naoya lets slip that Class 3-3 is cursed. Before Naoya can explain himself, Kōichi spots Mei in the library annex and joins her. He asks about her eyepatch, but is interrupted when the school bell rings and the librarian, Mr. Chibiki, arrives and tells Kōichi to leave. Later, troubled by his interactions with Mei, Kōichi goes to the hospital and asks a nurse he met during his stay there, Sanae Mizuno, about "a girl who may have died on the night of [his] discharge." Though Sanae doesn't know much about it at first, she later calls him back to say that a junior high school student did indeed die that night—"her name was something like Misaki or Masaki." Kōichi, who was standing in front of a mysterious puppet museum when he got the call, debating whether or not to go inside, is shocked by the revelation and decides to enter. There, he meets Mei, who decides to show him what is under her eyepatch.

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