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"Build limbs"

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Episode Summary: Kōichi looks at a Class 3-3 photo, finding his mother. While Kōichi is being interrogated by the police regarding Sanae's death, Class 3-3 has an emergency meeting. Upon his return, the classroom is empty. Izumi appears and, for no obvoius reason, apologizes to him. He runs into Yūya and Ikuo Takabayashi on his way home and asks them for answers, but Ikuo has a heart attack and dies before he can respond. The following day, Kōichi is completely ignored by his classmates. As he tries to understand what's going on, he receives a note from Yūya, telling him to ask Mei for details. Later on, he visits the doll shop once again, and Mei finally reveals the mystery behind the curse of the student Misaki and Class 3-3.

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