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"Face to Face"

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Episode Summary: In the episode prologue, it is shown how Mei was chosen as the student to be ignored, as a charm to prevent the curse of Class 3-3. Mei and Kōichi's discussion continue until the arrival of Mei's mother Kirika, the one who makes the dolls for the museum. They seem to have a very distant relationship, which surprises Kōichi. The two begin hanging out and develop a good friendship. Later, while Kōichi is on the phone with his father, the latter asks him how it feels to be back in Yomiyama after being gone for a year and a half, to which Kōichi responds he's never been there before. His father appears to think it over, then claims it was a mistake, before the call cuts off. Sometime afterwards, Kōichi and Mei go to the library and discuss the curse with Chibiki, who kept records of the events over the past 26 years, and the death of the student Misaki Yomiyama (the Misaki of 1972), and shares his findings with them. Sometime later, Mr. Kubodera, homeroom teacher for Class 3-3, begins class by taking a knife out of his bag.

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    Pretty creppy anime but it is cool

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