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"Hair stand"

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Episode Summary: Kōichi, Reiko, Naoya, Yūya, Izumi, Takako Sugura, and Junta Nakao go to a nearby beach resort to meet with Matsunaga. Although tense at first, they are all relieved when they successfully leave Yomiyama without any incident, convinced that the curse is ineffective outside the town. As Katsumi is busy, they decide to go to the beach, where Kōichi discovers Mei nearby. The group spends the afternoon having fun, even organizing a fishing contest for food. Katsumi joins them later on, but still doesn't remember what clue he's left or where, though he does mention that it wasn't paper. Suddenly, the weather acts up and a gust of wind blows the beach ball far into the water. Nakao volunteers to bring it back, but drowns in the process. Shortly after, his body is torn up by a motorboat, prompting everyone to realize that the curse may not be limited to Yomiyama. Katsumi, clearly in a state of shock, mutters that he "protected them" and that he left the clue in the classroom.

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